My mother always tried to come when I had an exhibition. She thought it was fun and I think that she was proud, even if she was worried that I didn´t make enough money. She always said that my work was nice. Even if nice wasn´t the best word to describe what I had done, it was the one she used.

Now she´s old, her confusion increases everyday and she disappears more and more. This video is about that and about how our relationship is affected.  Nobody is more of a stranger than somebody who has been as close as a mother disappears into confusion. She hasn´t and she never will see this video. I wonder if she would think it was nice if she did.

Mamma will be shown for the first time at Södertälje konsthall in the exhibition Främlingen that opens on the third of June.

E-mail me for link and password to the video.

Installation image, Främlingen at Södertälje konsthall.

Installation image, Främlingen at Södertälje konsthall.